Our team will create a specific project schedule outlining each phase of the project from start to finish. We use this schedule as a live working document to keep the project on track and to communicate with the client as well as manage each phase of the construction process along the way. The project schedule helps to better plan ordering materials, scheduling various subcontractors and crews to perform the work, working with the city and county inspectors, as well as providing you with daily and weekly updates regarding the project’s progress.

The budget process is completed with your goals in mind. As we begin the design process with you and better understand your vision for the project we help guide the designs to meet your budgetary needs. Ultimately, we all want the project to be completed with the quality and care required while meeting the financial objectives for the project along the way.

At SOUTHPOINTE, We stand by our homeowners long after their project is complete. We believe that the service and support we provide our family of owners starts on day one and from there on continues as they make the house their home. At the end of the day, we don’t just build homes, we BUILD RELATIONSHIPS FOR LIFE.