So you need a Virtual Assistant?

What’s HOT! That you might be missing…


Everyone deserves their own personal assistant. Life can get crazy and finding better ways to “Outsource” is the key… Check out these slick solutions that are topping the charts:



Patlive- Lets face it, just answering the messages and phone calls are getting to more than a choir, using this service personally I can tell you its making life a whole lot easier. They offer a full service menu to choose from that includes anything from answering and assisting with calls to booking appointments and working on behalf of your business or personal needs. website– I have my Gmail account hooked up to this website and it has made such a difference in my email organization. It creates an folder for all of your junk/promotional emails. Every time you get a new commercial email, will give you the option to “keep this email address coming to my inbox,” to “automatically add this email address to my folder,” or “unsubscribe from this email address completely.” It has seriously made my email so much more organized and so easy to view, cutting down major time and energy.

Red Stamp app/website– This is a GREAT app for personalized e-cards and e-vites. There are so many different templates to choose from and they’re all totally customizable. Even add photos and your own custom text. They can save to your camera roll, post to social media and print beautifully. In the past, I’ve even printed them out and mailed them in place of a card. The photos add a super personal touch and every card literally takes just minutes to create.

The Social Radio app/website– Its sick, a social media lover who is a multi-tasking pro. Hook this app to your Twitter account and The Social Radio will read, out-loud, your home news feed. It’ll even do it over music that you select! This app is great for driving and will totally keep you up to date on all of the Twitter happenings.

News 360 app/website This app allows you to choose what kind of news stories you’re interested in. For example, I’m interested in Social Media, Health, Technology, Good News, Movies, Arts, Startups and Employment. Then it builds your daily news articles around those topics. The articles show up perfectly on mobile devices and are easy to save and share. Definitely a must for someone with a busy lifestyle who wants to stay up to date on current events.

Songza app/website Better defined as an app/website that becomes your “Music Concierge.” Enter what time of day it is (i.e. Saturday Afternoon) and what you want the music for (i.e. Relaxing at Home, Driving, Doing Housework, Entertaining Friends, etc.) Lastly, choose a music category (i.e. Sweet Soul Music, Funky Electronic Grooves, R&B hits, etc.) and Songza will provide you with appropriate playlists to listen to! It does a great job at matching your mood and activities with the perfect music. It’s basically, your own personal DJ. website– A great website for gifting ideas. It starts with a blanket statement of “I’m looking for something for someone.” From there, you use drop down boxes to customize the “something” and the “someone.” For example, I could say “I’m looking for something PRACTICAL for someone ARTISTIC.” or “I’m looking for something ROMANTIC for someone FUN-LOVING.” And in seconds, Wantist will give you different gift options/ideas that would be appropriate.

Sugarwish service/website– This service is perfect for last minute gifts or to send a guy instead of flowers. All you do is log onto the site and choose your gift option. Then, it sends a personalized e-card to the recipient saying something like “Marina just sent you a Sugarwish. Choose your options now.” Next, the recipient goes to the website and chooses from over 100 different candy options. Within 2 days, the fresh, perfectly packaged candy they chose will be delivered straight to their door! It’s easy, personal and perfect for last minute gifts or for that friend who has everything. I send these to my boyfriend all the time.

EasilyDo appYou may have used apps before to manage your social media, or to give you real-time traffic updates, or perhaps to even keep track of your purchases and reservations. But EasilyDo does it all in one! The app connects to social media, email, calendar, contacts, GPS and more. You can completely customize it to send you alerts about things like Facebook posts, weather, traffic, and calendar events.  Since downloading this app nine months ago, EasilyDo has saved me over 7 hours by helping me do things like merge duplicated contacts, wish my Facebook friends a happy birthday, and add contact information from my emails, all at the touch of a button, LITERALLY!–  Cool new service allowing you to load a personal profile about yourself. This is a great forum overall to manage your professional or personal experience.