New Construction


Planning your project begins with your inspiration, concept, and maybe even some rough drawings. Even if you have just a glimmer of an idea, now is the time to begin preliminary consultation. Working with our designers or an architect that you’ve independently chosen, your design is created and your vision begins to take form at the direction of the general contractor. The GC offers important insights that can enhance your project’s success with time and cost savings.

No matter where you are in the conceptualization stage of the project, we can offer valuable advice related to land acquisition, design and project budgeting.

Building the Home

As one of Orange County’s highest-rated home builders, the South Pointe crew possesses an unwavering commitment to delivering your dream home on time, within budget and to your total satisfaction.


As each phase of construction progresses, our team will remain in contact with you so that you’re always informed about how your home is coming along.


We design your home to fit your budget, fulfill your layout and aesthetic requirements and provide overall quality and value to your project.


Even after the build is complete, our customer service team is here to support you as you settle into your new home. Whether you have questions about the recommended care of your home’s materials or need a hand understanding the owner’s manual to your appliances, we’re here to provide answers to any questions you have.


At South Pointe Construction, we are 100% devoted to building your home to the highest standards for safety and quality; therefore, we provide you with an industry-leading warranty on our workmanship. We’ll go over the warranty in detail during the contract phase of the project, making sure that you understand the terms of the warranty and answering your warranty-related questions.