Success or Failure? Being a Full Time Real Estate Investor

Maybe it was the late night infomercial, the get rich quick scheme that you heard about from your neighbors friend, or a real estate investment course they purchased and vowed to study hard!

10 things you do not want to hear on your project

It seems that solving the top problems or prioritizing is more and more difficult these days, it means your project goals and objectives have not been clearly communicated.

3 ways to build technology into your business now

3 ways to build technology into your business quickly without breaking the bank.

The return of my money and the return on my money

One of the investors I respect the most once told me; I look for 2 things when deciding where to put my money “The return of my money and the return on my money”.

First trust deeds

Everyday I run into people that tell me their 401k from a prior job or some savings they have is just sitting with little to no return. They feel that investing is for everyone else, not for them.

Living on $2.40 a month

The average retirement account balance is $12,000 for near-retirement households (National Institute on Retirement Security) and the average 1-yr CD rate is .24% (

Challenge today

Find a way to give unexpectedly today! Push yourself, give more than you think you can. This is a challenge for you personally.

3 differences between managers and leaders

If a diamond cutter is asked to report every 15 minutes how many stones he has cut, by distracting him, his boss is subtracting value.

The business circus

Running a business can feel like a circus, juggling tasks while trying to maintain balance. How do you maintain control, much like a lion tamer.