Fresh Start “Today”?


“We all want to become better people, but often we have self-control problems. We might say to ourselves, ‘Today is not a good time; tomorrow is better.’” –Hengchen Dai


Having goals can feel like creating “a clean slate”.  Motivation is crucial to people performing effectively when they undertake an initiative.

Embarking on a fresh start when in a happy mood may actually translate into a better shot at achieving your goals, if a team member starts the day feeling up and positive, this results in higher-quality performance. “Where your start is a very strong anchor, and it can be difficult to change from that point,”.

On the other hand, when an employee shuffles into work tired and cranky, their productivity and performance goes down because they take more breaks — generating mini fresh starts throughout the day in order to cope.

Fresh starts certainly can be useful in the workplace to motivate team members but also in life to motivate yourself. Do it for you!