We invite you to learn how investing with SOUTHPOINTE will both strengthen your longterm investment objectives as well as offer immediate income for your current needs.


The SOUTHPOINTE Opportunity

At SOUTHPOINTE, we apply our strengths as a uniquely positioned real estate investment firm with direct access to the southern California real estate market; one of the largest and most opportunistic markets in the US. 

Our investor’s benefit from our years of experience in identifying opportunities and then having the team and resources to complete a project in a timely manner, thus delivering consistent returns to investors.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.46.37 AMOur work speaks for it’s self, having direct access to the local market is the key to providing consistent year over year performance. – B. Parker CEO & Founder

The Benefits of Real Estate

Residential real estate continues to be one of the largest contributing factors to the US Economy. After 2007, real estate experienced a massive correction throughout the US and the developed world – halting new construction and causing home values to plummet.

Since this occurred, many homeowners and real estate investors have speculated on how and when a recovery would happen.  

In the meantime, we at SOUTHPOINTE have viewed this correction as a huge investment opportunity and delivering to our investor’s outstanding returns.

Now, over 7 years later, new construction is still far behind the growing needs of the US homebuyer and there is an abundance of unique opportunities for our investors.

SOUTHPOINTE Fund and your other investments

Traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, and funds offer exposure to various investment opportunities throughout the world. Albeit effective in the long term, traditional investments can be extremely volatile and unpredictable.

Real Estate continues to be the “go to” investment for the ultra affluent and sophisticated investors. Real estate offers strong diversification to any existing portfolio due to the low correlation it has to other types in investments.

SOUTHPOINTE offers investors access to real estate to help hedge against the volatility inherent in traditional investments.


Consistent Income

Income planning continues to be one of the most important elements of any effective financial plan. SOUTHPOINTE offers a consistent income source for investors to help supplement retirement and other income needs.

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For more information, SouthPointe’s interests are aligned with its limited partners – the firm and its professionals have invested/committed approximately $20 million to our real estate fund solely per our operating structure. Other investments within the company have been centered around the residential real estate market in Southern California. All investments are secured by the deed or note of the subject asset.

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