5 Key Remodeling Trends for 2015

Expect growth–and changes in the industry, too Market on the Mend Baker described 2015 as a year in which “spending exceeds its pre-recessionary high.” The remodeling market has almost fully recovered from the economic downturn, he said. Generations to Watch Currently, the baby boomers are still heavily involved in the market, but this will start […]

Delaware Time Lapse

Time lapse of the ultimate sand castle in the Huntington Beach.

Hidden Hills Estates Website Launch

The much anticipated wait is over. The Hidden Hills Estates website is now live! An entirely new way to interact with living space, with innovative design around every corner. Hidden Hills Estates features four distinct floor plans, each carefully designed with consideration for today’s sophisticated homeowner. These amazing homes feature open vaulted ceilings, a contemporary […]

Shift in Land Sellers Tells the Story of Land Values

Bank sales down significantly. When 60% of the land was being sold by banks, as was the case in early 2011, we advised our clients to buy aggressively in the better locations. Today banks represent only 6% of the residential land sales (as of 4th quarter 2014), and most of the bank activity is occurring […]

Powerhouse Job Markets: California Dominating

Three powerhouse metropolitan areas—– New York, Los Angeles, and Houston—– together accounted for one of every seven new jobs created in the country over the last three years.These top three markets added 300,000+ new jobs from 2012 through 2014. A total of 17 metro areas added at least 100,000 new jobs during that three-year period. […]

How’s the Real Estate Market?

January 2015 marked the 35th consecutive month in which the state’s median sale price has increased on a year-over-year basis. The peak year-over-year price gain during that period was 29.2 percent in July 2013. Since then price gains have trended lower and since July 2014 the year-over-year increases have been single-digit – between about 6 […]

Homeowner offers to swap house for iPhone 6

How much are you willing to give? How much are you willing to give for a new iPhone 6? According to an article in CBS Detroit, one homeowner is offering to swap a two-story brick colonial on Detroit’s east side for a new iPhone 6 or a 32gb iPad. The 2,400 sq. ft. house at […]

Your Greatest Fear

  WHAT DOES MATTER?  In business and in life there can be many choices that really don’t matter in the big picture such as landing a project or a fancy spreadsheet. The opportunity to grow, build, and strengthen the people around you will always be the priority.  People Matter Whether it’s your customers, team, community, […]

What will the 2nd half of 2014 hold?

1/2 WAY THROUGH 2014 ~ WHAT’S NEXT? U.S. millionaires see real estate as the top alternative-asset class to own this year 2014, according to Morgan Stanley. (MS) About 77 percent of investors with at least $1 million in assets own real estate, according to a survey released today by the New York-based investment bank’s wealth-management […]

3 Biggest Hurdles When Starting in RE Investing

Maybe it was the late night infomercial,  the get rich quick scheme that you heard about from your neighbors friend, or a real estate investment course they purchased and vowed to study hard! Unfortunately probably 90% end up having never purchased a single property. Why is it that the numbers are so staggering? There are […]

“RED” Front Door- Why?

So What’s The Meaning Behind The “RED FRONT DOOR”?      

Twice as Many Consumers Prefer New Homes to Existing

Twice as Many Consumers Prefer New Homes to Existing~ Larger closets, open floor plans, and roomy kitchen islands seen as big draws of new homes.     While twice as many American consumers prefer a newly built home compared to an existing dwelling, many are reluctant to pay extra for new, according to the results […]

Fastest-Moving Markets

This is a GREAT time in the market for everyone (Buyers & Sellers), I’ll explain… I look at it like the “Playoff’s”, I’ve heard many experienced investors, developers, and builders I that value and respect use terms such as creating TIE BREAKERS or DIFFERENTIATORS that separate your product. Now is the time in the market […]

What year did the internet launch?

Fully launched to the public in 1995 – the World Wide Web.  87% of all adults use the internet.   Today there are more than 2,405,518,376 users on the net. 70% of them use it daily. 

What’s ahead for 2014 housing market

The housing recovery hit high gear in 2013 with bigger than expected price gains and solid home sales. This year isn’t likely to be as exciting. Rising mortgage interest rates will price out some potential buyers. Instead of double-digit price gains, look for single-digit ones, economists say, while existing home sales remain at last year’s […]

So you need a Virtual Assistant?

What’s HOT! That you might be missing…   Everyone deserves their own personal assistant. Life can get crazy and finding better ways to “Outsource” is the key… Check out these slick solutions that are topping the charts:   Patlive- Lets face it, just answering the messages and phone calls are getting to more than a […]

6 ways to INVEST

I have ONE QUESTION! Seriously……. Take 10 seconds and close your eyes… Just do it, no ones watching this is a blog. * WHILE YOUR EYES ARE CLOSED I WANT YOU TO IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD FEEL LIKE FOR YOU EVERY MONTH AFTER YOU WALKED TO THE MAILBOX, OPENED THE DOOR, & PULLED OUT $1,000 […]

Fresh Start “Today”?

“We all want to become better people, but often we have self-control problems. We might say to ourselves, ‘Today is not a good time; tomorrow is better.’” –Hengchen Dai WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BEGIN: Having goals can feel like creating “a clean slate”.  Motivation is crucial to people performing effectively when they undertake an […]

Success or Failure? Being a Full Time Real Estate Investor

Maybe it was the late night infomercial, the get rich quick scheme that you heard about from your neighbors friend, or a real estate investment course they purchased and vowed to study hard!

10 things you do not want to hear on your project

It seems that solving the top problems or prioritizing is more and more difficult these days, it means your project goals and objectives have not been clearly communicated.